Complete Photo Shoots Info

Real estate photo shoots

Properties of all kinds can be photographed with excellent results. Special and challenging shoots are very welcome.

Private residences for sale or rent, commercial locations, lots for sale, housing complexes, horse properties, and other real estate are typical shoots.

Photos are processed to yield the best image quality, retouched, and cropped for perfect compositions.

Please inquire about the kind of photo shoot you need. Photo editing and delivery is done within 24 hours of the shoot.

Ordering a photo shoot

When ordering a photo shoot, describe the property to be photographed along with the desired final products.

There are many options to choose from, here is a list of the most common items in real estate shoots to help determine your requirements:

  • type of property: residential unit, commercial location, empty lot, housing complex, specific subjects
  • property location: street address, nearby mountains, attractions, parks, etc.
  • choose a time of day: midday for most sunlight, twilight for colorful skies, night for extra highlights and reflections
  • photo size and uses: 1200-pixels for typical online listings, 12-megapixels for full-page brochures, 24-megapixels for magazine covers
  • special photos: detail shots, ultra wide angle, 360° panoramams, interactive spherical panoramas, aerial drone photos
  • virtual tour: deluxe high-definition virtual tours for viewing on any device available with any shoot see current tours

More elaborate shoots requiring extensive attention to detail and lighting are also offered, often quoted at half-day or full-day rates. Architectural, commercial, and product shoots are examples of photo shoots with special considerations and additional creative production effort.

Photo delivery

Your photos will be delivered via an email including simple download instructions, both individually and as a ZIP archive containing all photos.

All photos are edited and enhanced to perfection. Photo delivery is made within 24 hours of the photo shoot, same-day expedited delivery can also be ordered.

Photos for online listings are provided at a convenient size of 1200 pixels wide/tall which is ideal for most common online uses. Other specific photo sizes may be requested in any image size up to 24-megapixels.

Availability, payments, guarantee

It is best to schedule a photo shoot a few days in advance. Every effort is made to schedule on the days requested, including weekends and holidays if necessary. Short notice requests are always welcome too.

A PayPal invoice will be sent to your email after placing an order for a new photo shoot. PayPal payments can be made via credit and debit cards, no signup needed.

Cash and checks are also accepted directly or by mail, checks should be made out to Gill Couto Photography. Full payment is required to download the photos.

Photos are guaranteed to make your property look its best and impress. They are intendend to attract more buyers (and renters) to your properties.

In the rare case where the delivered photos don't turn out as expected or crucial shots were missed, they will be either re-edited or even reshot as necessary. No photo shoot is complete until you are delighted with the results.

Additional notes

Photo shoots vary in many ways, it's best to describe your particular photographic needs and get a price quote.

Photos are guaranteed to remain available for download for 30 days from the shoot date.

There is no fee for rescheduling a photo shoot before the scheduled date.

For best results, please browse the tips checklist to prepare a home for a perfect photo shoot.

Aerial drone photography is available by request. Videos production is also offered by request.